Monday, December 29, 2008

Is America Ready (Really?) for a Black President?

yes we canOn November 4, 2008, America made great strides as a nation and voted its first minority President into office by electing Barack Obama. A huge achievement for the United States, especially since it was only in 1865 that blacks were allowed their own freedom to live. That was nearly 150 years ago, and yes, plenty has changed. America has gone through slavery, racial segregation, assasinations and now, have they overcome the greatest barrier of all? With Barack Obama's election as President, does this end all types of racism?

As millions chanted "yes we can" at the thought of the idea, the idea came closer and closer to reality. And it happened. Now with the onset near of 1.20.09, Barack's inaugaration day, can we now say that America is ready for a black President, or are we still not ready?

If Obama's Presidency turns into another downturn for the U.S. economy, or a failed war, or a terrorist attack, will we quickly turn back to the race card as a reason for the failure? Obama's Presidency in itself is a huge success for progression, but his success as a President is a must for further progression for minorities across the country.

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