Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Obama: Will There Be a Change?

Obama change t-shirtIt's almost inaugaration time, and there's excitement in the air (besides the little Blagojevich hurdle they might be dealing with for a minute)! You can feel it change that Obama will be bringing to the table, or a Carter-like flopping administration that will make our economy suffer even worse?

It couldn't be too much worse than the previous eight years, could it? A terrorist attack, a blundered recovery of a major national hurricane crisis, a long war or two, sharply rising home foreclosures...I think we're all looking forward to see how different the next President will handle this mess in 2009!

Whether you're Republican or Democrat, let's all be hopeful and wish for some change in our current economic situation next year! Whether it's good or bad, Obama will bring change, that much is for sure.

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