Monday, December 15, 2008

What's New: Obama Logo Shirts, Palin 2012 Merchandise

What's hot this holiday season in SideSplitters? It seems Obama sweatshirts are all the rage, as well as Palin 2012 merchandise. People are already hoping for a change before Obama even gets into office!

Some want Obama out...those would be the Palin 2012 enthusiasts. And who is to say that the Republicans sort of don't have some sort of justification to feel this way. After 8 years of one of the least favorite Presidents ever, McCain didn't stand much of a chance coming from the same party. Maybe Sarah Palin would do a great job, who knows? Until then, Republicans can only dream of a 2012 victory for (maybe?) Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin.

style="float: left; alt="obama shirts">Aside from that, let's celebrate our new President! Barack Obama is about to take office in only a month. Are you prepared for 1.20.09? It's a day that will forever go down in history for so many reasons...our nation's first minority President, the end of the 8 year Bush "tyranny" as many call it, and the beginning of a new era. Here's to Obama's new Presidency: good luck, you're going to need it!

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